Where does it come from?

DISCLAIMER: Techkaos provides a service to make the legal
backup copy to those users who do not have the ability or resources to make the
backup copy themselves. By using the services provided here, you are stating that you own a legal retail copy of the media
in question and that the copy is to be used for personal use only. Furthermore, you agree not to use the services
of Techkaos to pirate, resell, distribute, rent, lend, or lease the media inquestion, and that if you cease to own the
retail copy(s), you agree to immediately destroy and discard the backup copy. The UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988:
This specifically allows the making of back-up copies of software, but only providing it is for lawful use.
If there is any doubt over what constitutes a back-up, check your software licence agreement of the software publisher.
To purchase these back-up games you must own the original media. The media provided by Techkaos are for back-up purposes only.
When purchasing any of the media on this site, we therefore assume you have the original in your possession. Our function is strictly
to backup your original media, which you claim to currently own, to protect it from damage, accidental or otherwise.
We provide these back-ups as a service and will not be held accountable for the buyers use. You must be aware that in order to use
your legal backup copy of your retail game, your console must contain a working and properly installed modchip of which we do not supply.
Technologic does not provide support or information on modifying your console, and you must be aware that by modifying your console, you
will void your warranty